john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Death by Dehydration

that's the preliminary autopsy result on the woman who died several days ago in the Grand Canyon.

Her name was Margaret Bradley, age 24. She was attending medical school at the University of Chicago, and she was a very fast long distance runner.

It's still vague, in the news stories, exactly what happened. She had a male running companion, and they were running down into the canyon to some kind of ranch at the bottom. But they got separated and he headed back up. What's that about?

But the real question is: what was she thinking? She's an experienced runner and a medical student no less. She must have known something about dehydration. The news story says that they "tested their limits." They sure did.

You can read about poor Margaret Bradley here:

Rhyme of the day is taking a break. It's too sad for a funny rhyme, but I'm not actually sad enough to do something truly solemn. Maybe it's because I lost a daughter myself, and I'm thinking about her poor parents, but the whole thing is bad.

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