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Unholy Quest at Amazon

So I've got my novel, Unholy Quest, showing up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble now. It's cool but not quite supercool, because they don't yet have pictures of the book or any info on it. Well, one step at a time. This whole digital self-publishing thing has been quite the trial-and-error learning process for me.

I ordered a sample copy from both vendors to test the process. Amazon's copy arrived today. They won the race.

Lulu's hardcopy price is $3 lower than Amazon's, but they charge $1.50 more for shipping and handling, so the net difference between Lulu and Amazon was about a buck fifty. If you bought something else at Amazon and nudged the total over 25 dollars, Amazon would actually be cheaper and faster.

On the other hand, Lulu does have the downloadable version. I guess that's the ultimate in quick delivery, and it's cheaper too.

Rhyme of the day:

My book is on

Lulu page:

Amazon page:

Barnes and Noble page:

(I used to turn long url's into tiny url's so they would fit neatly here. It's a great free service.)

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