john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Donating Blood.. and The Obsession Continues

Yes, I donated blood this evening. They gave me a one-gallon pin at the front desk. But then another lady, while taking my blood pressure, mentioned that I had donated 27 pints now, which meant I was at over 3 gallons with this particular blood bank outfit. So if I've given 3 gallons, why am I being given a 1 gallon pin? Am I supposed to wear three 1-gallon pins as a set?

So, having been told to avoid heavy lifting, I decided to do something restful, and here is where the obsession comes in. I rented the CD of A Mighty Wind. And then... I watched the film with the comments on, all the way to the credits. I have never done this with any movie. Until now. I guess I am seriously obsessed with the film. Which is kind of scary. I should probably be off in a corner doing some serious introspection. But it's hard to maintain a serious attitude when thinking of the movie keeps making me chuckle to myself!

Rhyme of the day:

I am unworthy. I bow before
Catherine O'Hara's trailer door.

Seriously, she is amazing in this movie. (Your evaluation may differ!) Does donating blood make you light-headed? Do I sound light-headed to you?

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