john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Rollerblader death follow-up

Back in June I wrote about a rollerblader who had died after falling and cracking his skull and breaking his neck. I found it unnerving because I had been on the same bike trail, about the same time that day. (This occurred in south suburban Cook county.)

At the time, someone asked if he had been wearing a helmet, and I said I guessed not, but I wasn't sure. Well, the Chicago Tribune on July 21 ran a story about the dangers of bike trails. In the story they mentioned that this poor guy had been skating without a helmet.

The story mentions that on the exact same day, June 20, there was another bike trail death in the Chicago area. On the lakefront path a woman died after her bicycle hit another in a head-on collision. Whether she had a helmet, they don't say. Probably not, if I had to guess.

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