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Back from Camp Indecon

My wife, son, and daughter have all returned from Camp Indecon in Colorado. Indecon sounds like a Native American name, but I think it actually stands for Independence and Confidence. The camp runs once a year for one week. It's a lot of fun, I am told, but it's also educational. The way things are taught is partly based on Maria Montessori's ideas. But you won't find any vague mysticism being taught at this camp. This is a camp that teaches logic and critical thinking. The camp was founded by St. Louis businesswoman Hannelore Bugby.

One year I visited the camp, albeit briefly. My son had just missed his flight to Colorado, and was quite upset. (Yes, it was our fault, not the airline's.) So I told him we could drive to Colorado. As night came upon us, we got in the car and drove, straight-through, and arrived at the camp early next afternoon. I did get to see the camp, although my brain was a bit blurry by then. The kids seemed to be bright-eyed and full of fun.

The next morning, at dawn, I started the car and headed back to Chicago. I remember very little of that drive, but I never regretted the trip. And I only missed one day of work!

You can visit the camp website here:

Rhyme of the day

My wife was gone
To Indecon.
But now she's back
And pleasant yakking
Fills my house again.

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