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Bahia Vista Inn

Just got back from a 4 day mini-vacation in the Traverse Bay area of Michigan. We stayed at a new bed & breakfast that our friend, Sandy Franklin, just opened. Here is her website:

The photo in the website is too low-res to really do the place justice. Bahia Vista means Bay View in Spanish, and the place does have a view of Traverse Bay. The bay is actually a couple of miles away, but Sandy's place is at a nice high elevation that gives a commanding view into the distance.

Rhyme of day:

Congratulations, Sandy,
Your B&B is dandy.

It's just a so-so rhyme, but Sandy's B&B is way beyond so-so.

Yes, the dunes which abound in the area are also sandy, and if I were clever, I might endeavor to have some fun and make a pun with her name.

My single favorite spot we visited was a little beach on the channel between Lake Michigan and North Bar Lake. You could go for a dip in both lakes, which are a study in contrasts, one huge, one comfortably small.

I swam the length of North Bar Lake, and back again, a challenge that took me just under an hour. It was great fun having a decent sized lake to really swim some distance in. So many lakes are filled with boats, and boats are dangerous for swimmers. This particular lake was boat-free.

Warning: I saw no life guards. If you require life guards, this may not be the beach for you. If you have children, you will have to keep an eye on them.

Here's a bit about this cute little lake:

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