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A Day A Page

I just got done talking to the NIF group about how and why I wrote and published my novel, Unholy Quest.

The sobering realization moment came when Don Parrish asked me to estimate how many person-days went into writing the book. It seems like it was at least one person-day per page, once all the time is factored in.

Where did I ever find 320 days to do that? Well, it has to do with working on something for 10 years of Sundays.

As preparation, I went back and looked through my notes. I had forgotten how much trouble the story gave me. In my mind, it went through wild variations. I had 100 pages of a totally different version written at one point, but threw that away.

No wonder it was so much trouble.

My rhyme of the day is a little poem where the book title made its first appearance. The poem did not make it into the book, because the concept of the book changed so much over time.

In unholy quest
The worst and the best
Chased the sun.

And an old desert bird
Was the only that heard
Who won.

That did describe, albeit cryptically, an early sketch of the book's climax. But it no longer applies at all!

It's midnight here. I need to get a few hours sleep. I have to be at a triathlon around 6 am, and it's a little more than an hour drive from here so I need to get up at... 4 am? Agh. I am not feeling up for it at the moment, but that doesn't mean too much. I've done fine at a lot of triathlons where I didn't feel up for it the night before. They just tend to start so darned early, and I am not really a morning person!

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