john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Not my brother

By the way, I'm not related to the Mike Enright who is arguing about some stuff over in Diana Hsieh's comment section. I do have a brother named Mike, but he's not Objectivist, Rand-influenced, libertarian, or whatnot. Well, maybe my brother is "whatnot", technically, since "whatnot" is such a broad category.

Sometimes people ask me if Enright is my real name. They wonder if I borrowed it from a good-guy character in The Fountainhead. It's my real name. As a matter of fact, I'm John Joseph Enright the Fourth. And my son is the Fifth. So it's an ongoing tradition that pre-dates Ayn Rand's novel.

Actually, Enright is a fairly common name wherever there are Irish people in large numbers. Yeah, it looks English to a lot of people, but it's not. The clue is the absence of the "w" in front of the "right." All those English names that sound similar have a "wright" ending.

Curiously, my mother's maiden name was... Wright. Yeah, that would yield Marilyn Wright Enright. But that was way too righteous, so she just went with Marilyn Louise Enright.

Second rhyme of the day:

Wright was technically right,
But it's clear
That Louise was more pleasing
To the ear.

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