john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Invasion Miscalculation

One of the enduring puzzles of the Iraq War is: Why didn't Saddam nip it in the bud? 

All he had to do was let the inspectors have a good look around his country - let them look at everything - let the world know that Iraq really wasn't WMD-R-Us.

Bidinotto rhymingly points to someone with an answer - a U.S. interrogator who spent a lot of time talking with Saddam.

On this account, Saddam was too worried about the Iranians, and not worried enough about the Americans.  He wanted the Iranians to think that he was loaded up with WMD - so they wouldn't attack him.

He tried to bluff
To seem scary and tough,
But he got burned.

And it turned out rough
For all concerned.

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