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CSI: Chicago

I've noticed that more crimes are being solved because of those ubiquitous little security cameras. The latest Chicago crime to be so solved is the case of the horrible glop.

A Chicago River architectural tour boat suffered an ugly mishap on August 8. As the boat went under the Kinzie Street bridge, a vile brownish-yellowish glop fell through the steel lattice-work of the bridge, onto the boat passengers. A bus was overhead on the bridge at the time.

Apparently it was a bus with an onboard bathroom, and apparently the bus had just emptied the accumulated waste material.

The Chicago Police found a security camera in a nearby building that recorded a bus on the bridge, and they have now pinned the crime on a Dave Matthews Band tour bus.

The Dave Matthews Band is a pro-environment bunch, so this is kind of an embarrassing situation.

The Band is admitting nothing. To add to the high-tech forensic focus of this story, the Band has offered to submit DNA samples, to see if their DNA matches to the DNA found in the liquid waste. Um... I am so glad that I am not a forensic crime scene investigator!

Rhyme of the day:

So that's the scoop
On the mystery poop.

Here's the Chicago Sun Times with the full story:

p.s. I wrote a book review that is online here right now:

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