john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Divisive or Incisive? You Decide!

Mickey Kaus reviews the Obama speech, funny and analytical:
Obama gives Archie Bunker a chance to tune out: The speech starts by talking about slavery. Yikes. Why are we talking about slavery? We know about slavery. We want to know why Obama picked his paranoid pastor!
(It's so much easier when you're a Catholic.  The Church just assigns a pastor to your area.  None of this "picking a pastor" business!)

Robert Bidinotto reviews the Obama speech, unamused and analytical:
However, there is also one minority group in America that Obama clearly means to exclude from the Great National Unity. That group consists of businessmen.
(That's because he's so progressive!  People are basically all good - until they join together in corporations.)

So do a google search
before you join that church,
and no matter what you think,
never join an Inc.

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