john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

No Accident

This repair van was stuck for a few hours after naughtily backing up onto the lawn of a certain city park.  You can see that in this picture the van is already sunk halfway down on its back wheel.  (A lot like this truck last week.)

Later, the van had disappeared.  I assumed that someone had towed it out.  But now, I fear for the worst, after finding this old poem on the dusty shelves of the library next door:

Venus Fly Park, by Avril Fowles

Deep in the swamp of Pritzker Park,
Something waits in the cold and dark,
Something that looks like tire marks!

You count the marks out - three, four, five.
You think it must be safe to drive.
Never again are you seen alive!

It may look like a soggy lawn,
But what you're really driving on
Is a carnivorous - oops - you're gone!

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