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We have some friends staying with us for a few days. They brought they're 3-year-old daughter, and I relate well too her.

One fun game with a kid that age is to claim that their things are yours, or to suggest you. You point to their bottle and you ask in a hopeful voice: "Is that MY bottle?"

"That's MY bottle!" they respond pretty consistently.

It's important to do it in a friendly way. If they actually feel threatened, like you might take their stuff, you have to back off immediately and apologize.

The interesting thing, is that they like this game a lot. They seem to revel in the self-assertion of claiming something for their own. It's fun to watch.

I did it with her mommy too. I pointed at our friend, Reena, and said: "Is that my mommy?"

"My mommy!" With a big smile.

Rhyme of the day:

A proud owner is she,
At three.

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