john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

The Russian School Atrocity

The whole thing is totally horrible, of course.

You knew what the Russians would do - full messy assault. It's what they do, what they believe in. They make our assault teams look so... nuanced.

It seemed a little unreal to me. So I imagined it happening near me, at a local school. That stirred up plenty of gut reaction.

Some people think that retaliation is a base motive, that revenge is animalistic. I think it's a deeply human impulse. Look at world literature some time, and consider the volume that is devoted to revenge and retaliation. No small part, I assure you.

What's the greatest play in English? People tend to say Hamlet. What's it about? About careful revenge, among other things.

A curse upon the perpetrators of this outrage. If any are still breathing, may they stop soon.

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