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Resistance Is Futile

I was just watching the end of the Star Trek: First Contact movie, which features Alice Krige as the Borg Queen.  She does an amazing job playing a sexy idealistic power-mad seductress while wearing a truly ghoulish make-up  job.  Here's a brief bio of her,  from which I was fascinated to learn that she originally intended to train as a clinical psychologist.  Maybe that added to the credibility of her wily manipulations.  She sounded so... understanding!

I mentioned idealism, and one of the things she brought to the role was an apparent conviction that the Borg really are in the right, that they are pursuing perfection, and that resistance to their ways, in addition to being futile, is also wrong-headed.  It reminded me of the early communists, starry-eyed murderers that so many of them were.

The introduction of the Borg Queen was a modification to the original conception of the Borg, who were a Collective, a hive conciousness.  Well, maybe that's just like the early communists, too.  They claimed to be all equal and communal, but somehow they turned out to need a dictator.

Rhyme of the day:

"Picard to Enterprise:

Yes, that's a line from the movie, where Captain Picard is identifying himself, and asking to be teleported back to the ship.  It takes the place of the original phrase of Captain Kirk's: "Beam me up, Scottie!"

I guess I could claim the Enterprise/Energize thingy as "found poetry," but really it's just a "found rhyme." I find them all the time, in the sense that I tend to notice when other people say something that unintentionally rhymes. Ayn Rand had the opinion that prose should never unintentionally rhyme, and she instructed one of her editors to make sure and ferret out any such unwanted accidental rhymes in her writings.

</p>Alternative Rhyme of the Day:</p>

As for me, I think she was wrong.
It's fine if prose breaks into song!


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