john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Differing Attitudes

They've picked all 12 jurors for the R. Kelly trial. The defense complained that black jurors were being rejected too much. There are now 4 black people on the jury.

Mary Mitchell isn't happy about it, but she writes that a lot of black women support Kelly:
When I talked about the upcoming R. Kelly trial during a recent segment of "Chicago Speaks," a radio program I co-host on Sunday mornings, several black women defended Kelly and blamed the alleged victim, pointing out that today's 14-year-old girls are developed physically.
I'm sure Kelly would like some of these callers on his jury!

Personally, I find this case has a high "ick" factor.  But I do wonder whether the callers had a point.

Some say it's best if you design
every law with a clear bright line.

But whether one is "old enough"
ventures into murky stuff.

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