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California Farming

I spent the weekend, with my wife and son, at a farm in California, owned by some very lovely people that I hadn't met before.  My wife and son had met them in connection with Camp Indecon.  Laurie and Alex Alexiev were charming hosts, who, along with their 4 children, really made us feel at home.

Alex is the sort of guy who writes a lot of books and testifies before Senate subcommittees on terrorism, so just talking to him was educational.  I knew he was originally from Bulgaria, so imagine my surprise when I found that he had some expertise in Elizabethan poetry!  His wife, Laurie, is a clear-thinking dynamo, and is quite capable of holding her own in discussions with him, which is no small feat.

They grow grapes and olives, and Laurie keeps some egg-laying chickens.  I must admit, I had never before had a breakfast of eggs laid the same morning.  Mmmmm.

Laurie told me that a couple of her hens lay green eggs.  I didn't get to see these, but you know they made me think of Dr. Seuss, and I wondered whether a green pig could be procured.

Hopefully they can visit us sometime.  We certainly have room at our house right now, since both our kids are off at school.

Rhyme of the Day:

Empty nest?
Invite some guests!











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