john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,


I gave a humorous speech at last night's closing dinner.

It was a fun week. We had a bunch of students from Universidad Francisco Marroquin, a notable free-market-oriented college in Guatemala.

We also had a visit from Bob Barr, the former Georgia congressman who is now running for President on the Libertarian ticket.  He spoke about the right to privacy, but did not campaign at the conference.

With that set-up, here is a poem I wrote for the occasion:

We've got a big election.
It's coming up real quick
but let's not talk about it
it makes me kind of sick.

Besides this organization
is a 501-c3.
They can't endorse anybody
and still remain tax-free.

So even though Bob Barr
came to give a speech,
he couldn't ask for votes
or ask us all to reach

our hands into our pockets
for wads of campaign cash,
even though love of money
is a love we never bash.

So I shall say no more
about the coming drama.
I get a headache when I think
about McCain and Obama.

Of course they're both fine gentlemen
generous, open-handed,
but as for full-fledged freedom,
I'm not sure they understand it.

Yes, the race is quite exciting
with all its hoot and holler
but as for me I'm thinking
of moving to Guatemala.

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