john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Free Diagnosis

Victor David Hansen, in an anti-Obama column, accuses the American public of mental illness:
There is a sort of schizophrenia here with voters.
Then he rattles off a list of cultural issues where he thinks the voters are crazy. Here's one of them:
They want the death penalty, but then wish to abolish it entirely any time a state executes on even a single occasion someone of questionable guilt or mental capacity.
Come on.  There's no craziness here.  Just a mild case of perfectionism.  We want to kill the monsters, but ONLY the monsters.  Is that so hard?

Also, I think he has schizophrenia mixed up with dissociative identity disorder.  I'm not sure what either is exactly, and I'm not sure there's a good answer.  But maybe he's got hurried and hyperbolic columnist disorder?

Admittedly, I'm hazy
on different kinds of crazy.

I looked in the DSM once,
but couldn't quite get it.  Call me a dunce!

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