john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

What Does Mrs. Claus Do?

Today I received a wonderful rhymed picture book in the mail, entitled: What Does Mrs. Claus Do? It's written by Kate Wharton, and drawn by Christian Slade.  The text is witty, and the illustrations are imaginative.

The book doesn't directly answer the title question, but rather rings up an amazing pile of suggestions of things that Mrs. Claus might be doing when Santa's away. The basic idea is that you shouldn't just assume she spends all her time baking cookies. She may very well have a career of her own. For instance:
Perhaps Mrs. Claus runs and advises
the whole operation of Claus enterprises.
It seems like something kids would like, whether they "believe in Santa" or not.  I think I'll donate my copy to the Montessori school.  Or maybe a certain niece of mine would like it.  Maybe for a holiday gift...

I'm not sure how the reindeer fly.
How on earth do they get so high?

Was it Darwinian adaptation
that led to antlered aviation?

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