john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Cartoon from wife

I just got home from work and found this cartoon from today's Chicago Tribune on my dresser.  It shows a mom, boy, and dad eating dinner.  Nobody looks happy.  The dad looks down at the boy and says:

"Well, yes, we could read your blog... or you could just tell us about your school day."

Above the cartoon, in my wife's hand, the following comment appears:

"Hmmm - reminds me of somebody!"

I plead guilty.  At least once, after she told me she didn't known something that I had seen or done, I replied: "You should read my blog."  I thought it was a hilarious thing to say, but now I see the humor has come back to haunt me.

Rhyme of the Day:

I apologize, my dear.
Just log on - and read it here.


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