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Thinking about St. John's

I'm back in Chicago, but I'm reflecting on St. John's College (in Maryland) and how it handles its Great Books program. Partly I'm comparing it my mind with how Columbia University handled its partial Great Books program back in the 70's. I felt, at the time, that the teachers took the great books and sort of mangled them, by laying quirky interpretatons over the text that obscured the text from the students' sight. It was that feeling of "did this professor read the same book I did?"

Anyway, it looks like St. John's discourages that approach. Good! I mean, there is always room to interpret an old text from a culture that is a bit alien to ours, but there are limits!

Rhyme of the Day:

I'm glad they don't dangle them
Only to mangle them.

(Bait and switch
Is a bitch.)

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