john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

"Loose Objectivists Sink Ships"

I didn't write that.  I saw it on a paper sign at St. John's College.  In smaller letters, it claimed to be a message from the Department of Propaganda or something.  There was some even finer print but I didn't get a chance to read it.

My daughter knew it was supposed to be funny, but didn't have any idea what the joke was.  I explained the allusion to the US military "loose lips sink ships" campaign, which began in World War II.

But... having established the allusion, whatever could it mean?  I don't imagine it's meant to imply that Objectivists are undercutting the war effort in any way.

What does "loose Objectivists" mean exactly?  Loose like a lion that escaped from the zoo?  There do seem to be Objectivists running free at St. John's.

And what about the "ships"?  Are they real ships?  Scholar-ships?

Or is it just another silly college sign that doesn't really make any sense at all - that is just supposed to frustrate any effort to "get it"?

Rhyme of the Day:

Objectivists are on the loose,
But the joke remains obtuse.



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