john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

The Incredibles

I very much enjoyed Pixar's new animated feature, The Incredibles.  It did feel like there was an Ayn Rand influence, but it wasn't crystal clear or all-pervasive.

The premise of the movie is that common people got tired of superheroes, and now the superheroes are forced to live boring "normal" lives.  The children of superheroes are particularly put upon, since they are asked to never show their powers - i.e., to never live up to their true potentials - for the sake of not upsetting the less able.

It occurred to me that there is an international analog.  Who is the one remaining superpower?  What are we constantly asked to do?  To save the world, of course.  And what do we get for it?  Thanks?  Or criticism for flaunting our power?  (I won't even mention the E-word.)

Rhyme of the Day:

Living up to your potential
Is essential.


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