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radium has provided the final piece the "Loose Objectivists Sink Ships" puzzle: Ragnar Danneskjold was on the loose and sinking ships.

Combine this with an allusion to the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" campaign. And there you have it.  And it means what dwagoner  Objectivists are dangerous!

Ragnar alone took up "striking" in its more active sense.  But piracy was just a temp job.  His real career was... philosophy.

Rhyme of the Day:

You could say that deep thinking
Led to ships sinking.

By the way, the hero in one of Hugo's early novels, becomes the "first of the counts of Danneskjold."  So in the fictional universe, one of Rand's heroes is the descendant of one of Hugo's.  My wife asked Rand about this, and Rand made a point of saying that there had been a real line of Danneskjold's, so she hadn't plagiarized the name.  I just think it's a delightful homage.


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