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The Hand-Grenade That Wasn't There

Last night my wife and I were watching the local news, and the big live story was that the secure part of Chicago's Midway Airport was evacuated because of... because of some screwy story - a guy went through with a suspicious object showing on his xray, and when they finally found him the object wasn't on him or anywhere to be found.  I thought it sounded odd.

Well, now it turns out the object never existed! The object was a computer generated hand-grenade image, which the xray-screening software pops up on the screen periodically to see if the TSA guys are awake or not.  And the TSA guys didn't know it was just an image, so they emptied the place.  And... this has happened at other airports.  The TSA is going to investigate.  Ask me if I feel reassured.

Rhyme of the Day:

The hand-grenade that wasn't there
Gave the TSA a scare.
It wasn't there again today.
I wish that it would go away!

(With apologies to Hugh Mearns.)


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