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Dirty Dogs

Both of my dogs are black. Well, one has some tan markings on his eyebrows, chest, and toes, befitting his part-Rottweiler heritage.

I believe he is probably a Huskweiler, like this dog, but his exact origins are obscure, since the city pound was silent on the subject.

My other dog is solid black.  Well, in the sunlight, there's a slight red tinge to her fur. I have papers to prove she's a black labrador, and her mother definitely was a black labrador, but her father was obviously some other sneaky dog, probably an Irish Setter.  She looks a lot like the dog in the lower left hand corner on this page.

One of the nice things about their color is that they don't show how dirty they are when they have been outside playing in the mud on a rainy day.  Like today.

Anyway, they both got baths today, and they are temporarily presentable, a situation that will only last until their next trip into our back yard.

Rhyme of the Day:

A liking for mud
Must run in their blood.


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