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Romantic and Classic

Sometimes it seems that the authors of "What Art Is" are determined to take the Romantic out of the Manifesto. I know Kirsti Minsaas has made some published remarks about their neglect of the romantic element. (You can read her review of the book here: ) She writes that she is "tempted to conclude that they choose to ignore a central aspect of her theory that does not fit in with their own esthetic concerns."

Sometimes I am similarly tempted, and sometimes I even give in and believe that they dislike her Romanticism because they are closer to being Classicists. My impression is that in their other writings they emphasize skill and craft (classicist) and de-emphasize inspiration and imagination (romanticist).

Rhyme of the day:

Romanticism's Birth

To let the spirit break
free from rules and make
it's own way
to whatever
beauty it chooses to seek or take

by its freedom, making seem
art's toiling endeavor
child's play
or lover's dream.

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