john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Outcast Jazz Band

Went to hear (and dance to) the Outcast Jazz Band tonight.  They're a great band, and after 23 years or so of playing together, they finally have recorded a CD.  It's not on Amazon yet, but we were able to snap up some advance copies.  The CD is named "Ice Creams and Cakes," which refers to a funny line in this Ray Charles song.  Anyway, I've heard it, and the disc sounds great!

If you look at the names of the band members, you'll see a certain Ed Enright.  That's my baby brother, the professional saxman.  He plays in some other bands as well.

Ed's musical career started with a next door neighbor who taught piano.  Having a piano teacher next door was very convenient, of course.  The guy was actually a world-touring pianist and avante-garde composer from Lithuania by the name of Darius Lapinskas.  Ed and I were talking about him tonight between sets, and Ed said he had no idea at the time how avante-garde the guy was until he heard one of the operas he wrote.

Ed not only plays, he also writes and edits.  Here is one of his articles from Down Beat magazine.

I'm glad they finally decided to make
"Ice Creams and Cakes."

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