john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Memories of Y2k

I have fond memories of January 1, 2000, of checking the news all day for word of disasters - and hearing none.  I felt it was quite the victory for human intelligence that the programmers of the world so adroitly foiled the threatened collapse of all things computerized.  We had a party at our house, and Stephanie Dejan was there.  She's an Information Technology professional too, and we both held our breath a bit as the new year chimed in.  But the electricity held in Chicago, as it did almost everywhere.  We were happy, knowing our profession had held the day.

For a contest, I wrote a narrative poem, kind of a short story in verse, about Y2k.  I put it up on my website last night under the title "Millenium Bash."  It did not win the contest, and hardly anyone has seen it up to now.  Here's the third stanza:

“I want to dance the New Year in
With someone, and you’ll do.”  A twisted grin
Of friendly challenge crossed her lips.
“I’ll do?” he asked, and rather seemed inclined
To take offense.  She rocked her hips
To match the music and she said, “You’ll do – just fine.”


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