john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

The Last Samurai

I finally saw it at the two dollar theater tonight. I enjoyed it as a movie, but I felt my mind boggling at various points in the story line. It invites comparison with "Shogun," a great novel that was made into an okay tv miniseries. As a story, Shogun was better, made more sense, etc. But as a film, The Last Samurai was more powerful.

The Samurai are portrayed as wonderful people. Well, in their way, they were. But we are never really show the way they treated peasants, which would have taken some of the rosy glow off their portrayal. Shogun did show that part, too, even while glamorizing the Japanese warrior ways.

Rhyme of the day:

Archers and swordsmen display
Total absorption
Caught up in the warrior way.

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