I had a banana for breakfast,
But made no money at all.
If only I’d had the wisdom
To tape it on the wall!
I mean, let’s get real,
That is art with appeal.


I like the vocal comma.
You put it wherever you pause.
No need for urgent drama
About different kinds of clause
Or exact grammatical laws
On what precedes the “and”
In lists that get out of hand.

Building a Snowman

You start, of course, with snow.
Make sure it’s not too cold.
You want it wet like dough,
So when the balls are rolled,
Each puny starting piece
Will rapidly increase.
It’s good advice, at least,
If you live in the Northeast.


After defeating fascists on two fronts,
The greatest generation, still undaunted,
Married in haste, in record setting amounts,
And had as many children as they wanted.
They welcomed new life, after facing doom.
That’s the story of the baby boom.