I bought a dehydrated water packet.
It looked kind of empty - was this just a racket?
But I emptied the empty packet into a glass,
Mixed in some water - and Lo! What came to pass!
I sure enough had a nice glass full of water,
Just like the instructions said I oughter.


Free Advice

Excuse me if I seem a bit aloof,
But In the drama, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,
I twice have played the doc - and it went to my head.
So please, just take two aspirin and go to bed!


Pink Hat

Some context makes excuses.
Other context offers damnation.
Personally I prefer
The kind that yields explanation.

My life advice here is to not get photographed wearing a swastika or the hammer and sickle. And everyone has a camera with them nowadays, so just do not wear a swastika or the hammer and sickle. Because you will have explaining to do, and it's unlikely your explanation will satisfy everybody, unless maybe you're acting in a movie.


The plot line of Miller’s The Crucible:
When basic protections are losable,
Everyone ends up accusable.


There was an ad on TV where the actress
Said something about "my derm",
Meaning her dermatologist.
This usage made me squirm.
Is that for for real, is "derm" the slang
For this medical specialty?
I need to get up to date on this stuff.
I only know: "O B G"!

Positive Attitude

You can lower the positivity rate
By only testing those who feel great.
My plan will work - I know it will:
Just stop testing folks when they're ill!


Unless you’re a lip reader
Looking in a mirror
You cannot “watch what you say” -
The facts couldn’t be any clearer.