Rhyme of the Day

Various meanderings with a rhyme in there somewhere.

Jingle Man
Perhaps Emerson was being small-minded about his competition:

'Emerson, irked by Poe’s lack of moral gravity, called him “the Jingle Man.”'

The linked article mentions the strange phenomenon that the American critical establishment has never much cared for Poe, while the French critical establishment raved about him. It's an earlier version of the Jerry Lewis controversy.

I'm a poor student of Emerson's poetry, which I find boring. But two poems of Poe's I always find enchanting - The Raven and The Bells - so I periodically reread them with pleasure.

I like moral gravity well enough,
But not as all-in-all.
When Poe unleashes his jingly stuff,
I fall into his thrall.

After the first cloudburst,
Homeward I scramble.
Maybe I can escape the worst.
Of course, it’s a gamble.

Long Live The Revolution
Glad to be back to the states!
Other nations’
4th of July celebrations
Are not that great.

“Doppio” means a double shot
Of espresso coffee, black and hot.
It sounds really dopey, but it’s not.

Jellyfish, you are hauntingly lovely.
Only your touch feels tauntingly ugly.

I like to keep
Old stones in a heap.
I believe in stockpiles
Of rock piles.

It seems like couples in a movie
Always laugh and think it’s groovy
When they get caught in the rain.
But in real life it’s a pain.
I suspect that it’s a narrative device
To get their wet clothes off in just a trice.

If Dante had had a smartphone
He wouldn’t have needed a guide.
He could have traversed the afterlife all alone
Though I’m still not sure how he did it without having died.

I've yelled in the midst of a restaurant crowd...
Just because the music was too damn loud.

A Breed Apart
Labrador retrievers
Are rather firm believers
In obtaining the max
Number of snacks.
You might say they're high achievers


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